Marker Rules & Regulations (view Monument Rules)

Grave markers in the Catholic Cemeteries are intended not only to commemorate and mark the burial place of those interred, but to visually portray the teachings and beliefs of our Christian faith. To provide a uniform and consistent policy regarding the marking of individual graves, the following regulations shall govern individually selected grave markers placed in the Catholic Cemeteries.
  1. SIZE
    1. Individual grave markers shall be designed for placement at lawn level and shall be 4" in thickness and have the following surface dimensions:
      • FOR A FULL SIZE GRAVE (3' X 8').........................................2' x 1'
      • FOR A CREMATED REMAINS GRAVE (3' x 3')..................2' x 1'
      • FOR A CREMATED REMAINS GRAVE (2' x 2')............18" x 10"
      • FOR AN INFANT AND CHILD GRAVE...........................18" x 10"
    2. In certain older sections where lawn level double markers may have been permitted in the past, consideration may be given to matching existing double markers on a lot, or to place double markers on adjacent two grave lots. In all cases, inquiry should be made to the Cemetery Manager of the cemetery before a memorial application is submitted. Size of double markers so permitted shall be 3'-6" x 1' x 0-6", but variances to match existing double markers on a lot may be permitted.
    1. Markers must be of highest quality natural granite only. In general, all types of quality granite are permitted, except that in certain sections and/or cemeteries, previous planned limitations for aesthetic purposes should be observed. Inquiry should be made at individual cemeteries or to the Centralization Department regarding such local limitations.
    2. Bronze markers are not permitted, except to duplicate an existing marker, or in sections where the existing markers are all bronze. Where permitted, bronze markers must conform to all the specifications of the bronze markers previously installed.
    1. The face or top surface of the marker shall be flat finished (polished, axed, honed, etc.), the sides and ends shall be sawed or equivalent; and the bottom of the marker shall be level. Top edges of the marker are to be ground a minimum of 1/8" and the top corners shall be rounded a minimum of 1/4".
    2. Where existing markers are being duplicated on old lots, surface finishing may match existing markers on the lot, but all other specifications shall be followed.
    1. Lettering must be incised and cut to uniform depth in accordance with the highest standards of quality workmanship.
    2. No color additive may be made to lettering or ornamentation. Neutral additives may be permitted to highlight lettering or to blend it more effectively with the lettering on existing markers.
    3. Raised lettering or ornamentation on surfaces are not permitted since they are damage-prone. An exception may be made in the case of matching existing markers but the cemetery shall in such cases advise the lot holder of potential for damage.
    4. All marker inscription, symbolism and ornamentation should be identifiably Christian in character. In cases where a non-Christian may be identified, inscription, symbolism or ornamentation should be consistent with Christian belief. If there is other inscription work that in some way symbolizes or reflects the life-style of the deceased, it must be appropriate, it must be in good taste, must not be too large, and it cannot be the focal point of the marker. On some markers a likeness of the deceased is etched into the stone. This likeness should not exceed 5" x 7" on the face of the marker while maintaining the prominence of the Christian Symbol. The photo used for likeness must be submitted with the memorial application for review.
    5. Only the full Baptismal, Christian or legal name of those buried in the lot may be inscribed on the marker.
      1. Consideration may be given to the use of a derivative of a Baptismal, Christian or legal name, in conjunction with or in place of a Baptismal, Christian or legal name.

        E.G. James Smith could be inscribed as James Jimmy Smith or as Jimmy Smith, Margaret Bathgate could be inscribed as Margaret Marge Bathgate or as Marge Bathgate.

        Any questionable inscriptions should be referred to the Coordinator, Central Memorialization

      2. Consideration may be given to so-called nicknames that are not offensive, obscene, derogatory or slang.

        However, these nicknames shall not replace the Baptismal, Christian or legal name of the deceased or the derivative of the Baptismal, Christian or legal name of the deceased.

        E.G. If RED is the so-called nickname the inscription could read, James Red Smith or Jimmy Red Smith: if Sis is the so-called nickname the inscription could read, Margaret Sis Bathgate or Marge Sis Bathgate.

        Nicknames that are offensive, obscene, derogatory or slang are not permitted for use on a marker under any circumstances.

        Any questionable inscriptions should be referred to the Coordinator, Central Memorialization

    6. All lettering and inscription work, where possible, must duplicate that on existing markers in both form and method.
    7. Pictures, video and audio attachments and other attachments are not permitted on markers because they are subject to loosening and to damage. Processes such as the pressure bonding of granite aggregates to markers will be considered on an individual basis. In such cases, before approval will be given, suitable guarantees must be provided to insure replacement in the event appearance or material in the marker becomes unsatisfactory.
  5. Location
    1. Where a marker is permitted on a grave, it shall be placed only in the location on the grave designated by the cemetery.
    2. All markers shall be set at lawn level, without foundation.
    3. Existing raised markers may be matched only if the marker is of a type that cannot reasonably be set at lawn level.
    4. Only one marker per grave is permitted.
    1. Where specific existing regulations in certain monument sections prescribe that individual names shall be placed on the monument; such regulations shall be maintained. In other cases, markers may be permitted on individual graves even if there is a family monument. However, the practice of inscribing individual names on the monument should be encouraged as a more desirable alternative, where it is aesthetically practical to do so.
    2. Markers placed on a monument lot must be harmonious with the monument in design, color and finish.
    1. Lawn level granite markers, 2' x 1' x 0-4" in size, as supplied by the government for veterans of military service are approved for installation on any grave where an adult marker is permitted except in Complete Cemetery Service Sections where a marker is routinely included as part of the selection.
    1. To insure correct location and proper installation, all markers shall be installed by the cemetery staff only.
    2. The service fee to reset a marker is 50% of the current setting fee.
    3. Where a lot is being purchased on a time payment plan and payments are current, installation of markers may be approved by the Cemetery Manager.
    4. No marker, once installed, shall be removed from the cemetery unless the cemetery is notified in writing prior to removal or court order.
    5. Unused graves memorialized with a double marker may not be returned to the cemetery unless the marker is removed and the remaining burial identified with an appropriate individual marker.
    1. Before a marker may be placed in the cemetery, a completed Marker Application, Form 008 must be submitted to the Central Memorialization Department for approval. Once approval is granted payment is required. All marker applications must be submitted for approval at least five (5) working days prior to delivery. All marker applications should be submitted for approval prior to any work being started so that there is no question concerning the acceptance of a marker.

      Marker Application Form 008E is available on the homepage of the Memorial Application Portal

    2. Upon delivery of a memorial, a visual inspection of the memorial shall be made at the cemetery office before it is taken to the gravesite by the memorial dealer. All Memorials are subject to a final inspection upon setting. Acceptance of the payment indicates approval of the marker application; however, approval of the marker is subject to inspection upon delivery. Where the Marker Application is not approved, it shall be returned to the memorial dealer with the reasons for non-acceptance.
      1. Unless other arrangements have been made with the Cemetery Manager, markers for an affiliated (parish) cemetery shall be delivered to the major cemetery responsible for its administration for inspection and subsequent delivery and setting.
      2. Markers which do not comply in full with the specifications and requirements outlined on the MARKER APPLICATION and rules and regulations of the cemetery will not be accepted.
    3. It is the policy of the Cemeteries to set all markers within 3 days after approved delivery. Accordingly, markers will be accepted at each major cemetery on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of each week from April 1st to November 15th, subject to weather and ground conditions, during regular cemetery office hours. Acceptance of markers during other periods of the year shall be at the discretion of the Cemetery Manager and ability to provide prompt setting service.
    4. Accepted markers are subject to the final inspection of the Cemetery Manager of the cemetery. Should the marker, in his judgment, be defective in any way, it shall be removed from the cemetery by the memorial dealer and the defect corrected or marker replaced. The memorial dealer shall take this action within three days after notification by the Cemetery Manager.
    5. If the marker is the first memorial to be installed on a lot or grave, authorization of the lot holder or his heirs is required for its installation.
    6. Where the lot holder has given the right of burial to an individual, he or she has also been given the right to mark the grave.
    7. The cemetery reserves and shall have the right to correct any error that may be made by its employees or by any other person or persons in the location or placement of a marker in the cemetery.
    8. Each cemetery shall conduct a regular program of inspection of markers on a scheduled annual basis to insure that markers are trimmed and maintained at proper grade levels, since a portion of the marker service charge has been set aside for this purpose.

Questions regarding these regulations and requests for consideration in the case of exceptions should be directed to the Coordinator, Central Memorialization.